People on a mission

Whatever their interests and activities, the members of Altana project have in common a focus on the community evolution of living spaces. We are on the mission to:

  1. Experiment with practical methods of co-housing;
  2. Organize scientific, social and entrepreneurial reflection on shared economy concepts;
  3. Carry out a global monitoring of the various projects, by participating in international networks and events;
  4. Developing the exchange of knowledge and communication on these emerging economy concepts;
  5. To publish instructions for use and recommendations for coliving communities.

Default to transparency 

Altana project is a non-profit project: a family home is provided by a free lease agreement. The house has been transformed and modernized to allow the coliving.

Altana Project welcomes in shared residency project leaders who come to explore Paris: participate in a colloquium, find an incubator, discover the ecosystem, evaluate a potential development, meet innovators.

We welcome entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, scientists who need easy access to places of innovation; who are looking for a somewhat tribal way of life and a familiar and exotic setting.  



Tudor Tarlev.jpg

Altana Project's two-fold mission - an affordable coliving space and research community, is one to be admired and supported.

Tudor Tarlev, experimentQ

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Xavier Cazard, Entrecom

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Christel Sorin, Researcher


Location - Malakoff

The house is what's called "The little crown", the first suburban circle after the ring road. Two metro lines (13 and 4) go via Montparnasse, Châtelet. Many buses and accessible bicycles bring you close to the metro (then 10 minutes on foot).

The district is traditionally a working-class neighbourhood, embodied by an older population. Today, young families are waking up the town hall square. Coffee shops, food shops, organic products are available. A theatre (national stage) and a cinema are only 5 minutes away from the house. The garden of Altana Porject overlooks the beautiful Maison des arts, a renowned venue for contemporary art exhibitions.


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