Founder's story

In recent years, the urban residence has evolved. The creative class is nomadic. It wants to work where its taste for discovery leads. People want to establish new contacts, discover and enrich their capacity for innovation throughout life, lived like a journey.

But city centres are expensive, access is blocked by speculative practices. The creative class has been expelled from the places that its activity has revalorized!

At the same time, the family evolved, fragmented and expanded. In the nearby suburbs, family residences are empty. Many people find themselves in houses that are too big and hesitate to sell.  But they don't want to see the house useless: they are helping to facilitate new ways of welcoming and sharing. Neither bed and breakfast, nor AirBnB, a shared house builds its shape, its rituals, with its inhabitants.

Altana project is a networked place, which lives in connection with neighbouring projects scattered all over the world. This place is also a place of research and experimentation, where people come together to work and experience the living spaces of tomorrow.

Great changes await us. In addition to changes in the family and lifestyles, which are in some respects "chosen", changes in work, climatic and geopolitical shocks will unfortunately lead to precariousness that is very different from the chic nomadism inherent in a globalised creative class. 

Altana project is one of the many places where various actors try to design, in the long term and through iterations, the possible future of our classic habitats.



The timeline

xxxx - The family house

2016 - Redesign effort

2018 - Coliving space